The Midwest Apple Improvement Association

There is a need for a Midwest apple breeding program as other regions’ apple breeding programs are unlikely to produce varieties that will be economically viable for the lower Midwest. We are an organization founded and maintained by growers to produce apple varieties for the Midwestern United States and wherever those varieties may be adapted.

Goals and Activities

  1. Champion the cause (the need for a Midwest apple-breeding program), and build a viable membership organization in the Midwest and wherever apples are grown commercially.
  2. Carry out a grower driven, grower involved breeding program with the help of the Ohio State University and other research institutions.
  3. Develop and carry out a marketing program for the varieties developed including nursery stock and the apples.

Apple Breeding Objectives

  1. Reliable and productive cropping equal to or better than Golden Delicious
  2. Fruit qualities acceptable to the modern consumer: size, firmness, store-ability, flavor, unique qualities and maturity fitting with current or other new varieties to lengthen the apple harvest and marketing season.
  3. Growing characteristics desirable to the modern grower: disease resistances including fireblight and scab resistances, frost tolerance, tree structure qualities, etc.

Click here for a video explanation of apple breeding.