Membership Information

Dear MAIA1 Tree Purchaser:

Bill Dodd, Executive Director of Midwest Apple Improvement Association, M.A.I.A., inspects the EverCrisp apple tree.Welcome to the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) family! We are delighted by your interest in MAIA1 which was developed by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association in conjunction with the Midwest Apple Foundation.

MAIA and its members invest in research to discover new varieties with characteristics well-suited to the growing conditions of the Midwestern United States. To protect this long-term investment in variety development, MAIA has filed a plant patent for MAIA1 and registered the EverCrisp© trademark and logo with the appropriate U.S. government agencies.

To purchase MAIA1 trees:

By signing the License Agreement and by purchasing MAIA1 trees, you are agreeing, among other things, to:

1. Use only the EverCrisp© name (mark) and logo in connection with the marketing of apples from MAIA1 trees. Use of the EverCrisp© tradename and logo is mandatory. Use of other names and marks in connection with apples from MAIA1 trees is expressly prohibited.

2. Make timely payment of all required fees: (a) royalty fee of $1 per tree upon purchase of the trees, (b) trademark and logo fees of 20 cents per tree for years 4 through 10 and 30 cents per tree years 11 through 20 following purchase, and (c) the annual MAIA membership fee.

Again, purchase of MAIA1 trees means you are obligated to use only the EverCrisp© name and logo and make the payments described. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Sincerely yours,

Bill Dodd
Executive Director

License Agreement & Membership Application

Please download and print the following agreement and application and mail a signed copy to Midwest Apple Improvement Association, P.O. Box 70, Newcomerstown, OH 43832.

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